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Treatment we offer

We aim to provide the highest standard of dental care for our patients. This is based on a continuing programme of instruction in the prevention of dental disease. Our patients are encouraged to see our Hygienists at regular intervals which plays a vital role in achieving the objective of long term dental health.

When planning treatment, the long term benefit to the patient is always our main concern, and we will always discuss all options available. We work with experienced dental technicians who produce restorations of the highest quality and appearance.

The expansion of the practice enables us to offer specialist care in:

We carry out general family dentistry our patients need and also conservative cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening which are not invasive and do not harm teeth.

When our patients require specialist treatment in Orthodontics or Oral surgery we will refer them to specialist colleagues with whom we have worked for many years and whom we know will look after our patients with a high level of care and skill.